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Welcome to Connect Hôtel Riviera®, a trendy digital platform for people willing to find a hotel in the French Riviera which could
suit their convenience.
Discover throughout the year our recommendations to stay in Menton, Monaco, Nice, Cannes and its surroundings, and stay tuned about the latest news and offers in the French Riviera Hotel Industry.

This concept stands out from its dynamic and modern interface which facilitates your hotel search according to your request, location, budget and your additional expectations for your stay.

Connect-Riviera® aims to stand out on the French Riviera with its tools of communication in 4 distinct sectors: Real Estate,
Hotel Industry, 
Catering Sector and Sport Industry.

To achieve this digital stake, Connect-Riviera® does rely on its 3 partners’ know-how :

1.     Aérovision 06 :

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Based on the Alpes Maritimes area, this company is specialized in the build and development of development and building
custom made drones. 

Aérovision 06 suggests its aerial photography for real estate agencies (villas, houses and flats), star hotels, prestigious
restaurants and 
even sporting club frameworks. 

Its motivation to make this aerial shots results from two different passions, first of all, technology, and then modelling.

Furthermore, its founder, Christophe Dewaele is approved by the DGAC (Direction Générale de l’Avion Civile) as a pilot, 
instructor and drone manufacturer.

Throughout the Connect-Riviera’s steps you would discover these various Aérovision 06’s aerial views. For any further 
information regarding its methods of operation, do not dare to consult their Website, or its news on their Official Facebook 

2.     FoxRoad Production :

FoxRoad Production is a team gathering image technicians directed by Kevin SEMPE, specialized in several fields and
according to the initial needs : photography director, camera operator, sound-engineers, and editors.

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This company especially makes films for real estate agencies, star hotels, and prestigious restaurants or even sporting
club frameworks 
and others companies until the production of TV Magazines, from the events’ cover such as Music Festival and others
cultural events.

FoxRoad’s team does take in charge the whole production process of montages to provide a wide panel of services to
Connect Riviera’s 
companies: scripts, shoot, post production and authoring.  

Based in Nice, FoxRoad manages projets across France and abroad, thus this company with its references could be
considered as a 
partnership importance for Connect-Riviera® and its different platforms.

On the Connect-Riviera’s networks you would discover the multitude of stellar films made by FoxRoad Production, if you
wish to 
get further information on its operating system, do not dare to consult their Website.

3.     Immersive Business Advantage :

Established in 2013, IBA is specialized in the production and application of new virtual reality technology. Immersive Business 
Advantage offers a fully personalized service and a long-term partnership to stay ahead of the current trends. 

For instance, IBA is involved in the GIE VR-Connection gathering fifty companies aiming to receive national and international


The Connect-Riviera’s team is proud of relying on this experienced firm which would make French Riviera Brands discover the 
new virtual reality technology advantages for : real estate agencies (villa/house/apartment), luxury hotels, prestigious restaurants 
or even high standards sporting club frameworks.

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The 3D tours offer a real competitive advantage, putting your client in control of their experience. Quick to load and highly
they allow the user to move around the interior of a structure, see a 3D model of the exterior as well as a
2D floorplan. 

IBA uses the most advanced 3D scanning technology on the market, which allows us to create 100% immersive tours and
for the most demanding business sectors. To enhance this immersion, informative tags with text forms, photos or videos
could be in 
line with the potential virtualization of your company.

Furthermore, Immersive Business Advantage suggests plenty of options such as: the configuration of virtual reality displays
so as to 
watch in optimal conditions the virtualizations, IBA offers as well 2D plans and virtual tours for “nonexistent projects”
usually used 
by real estate promoters.

For any further information, you can consult the Immersive Business Advantage’s Website or even its Official Facebook Page 
follow its different news.