This year, the 85th Lemon Festival on the theme of Bollywood will be held in Menton for several weeks.

Discover the services offered by the hotel narev's on the sidelines of this event with international dimension, and very close
to all the festivities scheduled.

1.     A Must-See Hotel in Menton :

2.     Walking to the Lemon Festival :

La Fête du citron à lhôtel narevs 6

3.     A Gym Centre at your convenience - Narev's Club :

La Fête du citron à lhôtel narevs 1

Throughout your stay your can enjoy a complete fitness center so as to keep training.

4.      Immediate discounts once you contact the Hotel's Owner :

La Fête du citron à lhôtel narevs 4

You wish to benefit from immediate discounts for your stay during the Lemon Festival, have thing to call the hotel
04-93-35-21-31 and you would get exceptional discounts.

If this article draw your attention, do not hesitate to consult the hotel's website or its Page Connect Hôtel Riviera® for any
further information.