The French Riviera hotel market is one of the most promising in France, through this article the Connect Hôtel Riviera Team
will present to you 11 statistics which would help you to better apprehend this specific market.

1.     93 % of people look for their Hotel on Internet


9 travelers out of 10 look for their ideal hotel on internet, this impressive statistic demonstrates the importance for hotels to
use outstanding and modern tools of communication in line with the digital market.

Photos, videos, opinions and even virtual tours are currently paramount to take into consideration for each potential reservation.

2.     38 % of Online Booking

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Almost 4 travelers out of 10 book their journey online, this statistic sheds light the fact that customers tend to trust more
the online payment facilities.

Online payment methods’ quickness and efficiency are essential if the hotel wants to increase its number of reservations thanks
its own website.

3.     957 Hotels in the Alpes Maritimes area, which represent 6% of the Hotels in France

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17 000 hotels are officially registered in France, thus French Riviera with its 1 000 hotels plays an important role in the
french hotel market, with 6 hotels out of 100 in France based in the Alpes Maritimes area.

We could assimilate this percentage with the 11 million of tourists which come to the French Riviera every year. Furthermore,
French Riviera Tourism is also 1 % of international tourism, which means that 1 international traveler out of 100 in the world
travel to the French Riviera !

4.     Average cost for a hotel room 152 € / Average cost for a 5* Hotel Room 436 €

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It is obvious that spend its vacation on a French Riviera is not affordable for all the budgets with those average prices,
1 000 € for one week in a Standard Hotel and 3 000 € for one week in a luxury hotel.

5.     Foreigners present in Summer, french in Winter

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Indeed, in July 61 % of the registered journeys are foreigners, whereas in February 62 % of journeys are represented by french
people. Besides, in average foreigners stay one more night than French, 7 nights against 6 nights for French tourists.

6.     Parisians, Italians and British French Riviera are French Riviera travel addicts

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The Parisians represent 26,6 % of french tourists on the French Riviera, thus 1 french tourist out of 4 come on purpose
from the French capital to enjoy the French Riviera way of life.

Regarding international tourism, British and Italians gather more than a third of travelers’ foreigners on the French Riviera.
Furthemore, we can notice that the Americans are still keen on French Riviera, with 8 % of the whole amount of
foreigners’ travelers.

7.     61 % of reservations are  not even made one month in advance

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With the current online booking expansions suggesting interesting offers often in the last weeks, days and minutes,
nowadays more than 6 travelers out of 10 plan his trip not even one month prior their arrival.

On the contrary, less than 10% of reservations are planned between 3 months and more than 4 months on the French Riviera,
which  means that French Riviera also triggers a sudden need to plan travels and draw people attention with its various
well-known advantages.

8.     27 % Business Travelers

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We could have thought that French Riviera was only a place to chill above all, yet more than 1 travel out of 4 is business

This statistic demonstrates also the impressive French Riviera economic potential, with important regional national
platforms in Nice and Cannes and also an international one with the well-known principality of Monaco.

9.     Luxury ensures a better occupancy rates for the Hotels

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Indeed, 3*, 4* and 5* hotels tend to have a stable occupancy rate, between 61 % and 62 %, whereas hotels 1* and 2*
have more difficulties to get the same rate which is between 57 % and 60 %. This phenomenon might be explained for instance
by 3* hotels suggesting 2 star hotels prices.

10.     Online Booking Websites withdraw between 12 % and 30 % of hotels’ turnovers.

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On the one hand, thanks to websites such as Booking, Expedia or, the hotels develop their client portfolio. But,
on the other side the hotels withdraw in average 20 % of their turnover to Booking for example, or 12 % on Expedia.

This additional imposed tax from the online booking websites impact also negatively the hotels’ evolution, and most of them try to
figure out how to flee from this international and compulsory booking system.

11.     14 % of foreigners sleep in Monaco

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Incredible statistic once you know that the principality of Monaco gathers only 1,25 % of the whole French Riviera
Hotels capacity !